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Bradshaw’s Guide


Wokingham is situated on the River Wey, on the borders of Windsor Forest. The town consists of three streets, with a handsome new Town Hall (modern Gothic) and Market Place in the centre. The Parish Church is picturesque, and undergoing restoration. A new church is also being built by J. Walter, Esq., proprietor of the Times. The railways have given considerable impetus to trade here, and house property has become valuable.

Distances of Places from the Station
To: Miles.
Bisley 3
Chobham Hall
Chobham Park 3
Cross Stock 2
Dudsall Court
Grove Heath 3
Hale End 3
Hermitage, The 2
Hide Farm
Hoe Bridge 1
Hook Hill
Horshill 1
Knapp Hill 3
London Necropolis
Mayford 3
Newark Abbey Ruins 2
Pirford 2
Ripley Park 3
Shackleford 3
Sutton Park 3
Wokingham 1

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Places nearby

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    Reading is situated on two small eminences, whose gentle declivities fall into a pleasant vale, through which the branches of the Kennet flow till they unite with the Thames at the extremity of the town.

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    The seat of her majesty the Queen, and of her ancestors from the period of the Conquest. Eton College also is within a short distance.

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    Hampton Court stands on the north bank of the Thames, about twelve miles from London. Numerous sovereigns have made it their temporary abode; and the last who resided here were George II. and his Queen.