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Bradshaw’s Guide

Altrincham and Bowdon

Dunham Massey Park; the seat of the Earl of Stamford and Warrington, is in the neighbourhood. It is peculiarly celebrated for its salubrious atmosphere, and much frequented by the citizens of Manchester on account of its beautiful orchards and fruit gardens. At Bowdon is St. Nicholas’s ancient church, containing the tomb of Booth, first Lord Delamere, who was defeated by Lambert in 1659, owing to his espousing Charles I.’s cause too early. The view from the church tower is superb. Rostherne church 4 miles south, once the sphere of labour of Adam Martindale, contains the monuments of the families of Egerton, of Tatton; Brooke, of Mere; Leigh, of West Hall, and the ancient families of Massey and Daniel. Tatton Park; the seat of Lord Egerton, is near the village.

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