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Bradshaw’s Guide

Porthminster Bay, St. Ives, Cornwall, England. Taken between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900. Original: Library of Congress

St. Ives

With a population of 10,353, chiefly depending on the coasting trade and pilchard fishery. It is a quaint old town. The church is very old, but handsome. Perkin Warbeck landed here at the time of the Cornish rebellion. Treganna Castle, the seat of Mr. Stephens, occupies a lofty situation outside the town, and commands an extensive prospect

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Places nearby

  • Cornwall : Falmouth

    This town was formerly an important mail racket station. Below it are Pendennis Castle and St. Anthony’s Light, on the opposite sides of the entrance.

  • Cornwall : Marazion Road

    A little more than a mile to our left is Marazion, or Market Jew, of some importance in the middle ages as the place of resort for pilgrims proceeding to St. Michael’s Mount.

  • Cornwall : Penzance

    This flourishing port is at the farther end of Cornwall, on the west side of Mount’s Bay, at the terminus of the West Cornwall Railway.