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Bradshaw’s Guide

A descriptive guide to Cumberland

This county presents the traveller with, perhaps, the grandest, and most romantic scenery to be met with in England. The south western districts, particularly, form a gigantic combination of rugged, rocky mountains, thrown together with the wildest and rudest sublimity, yet enclosing the softest and most beautiful valleys, fairy streams, lakes, and rich and extensive woodlands, whilst, beside the charms given by nature to this favoured county, it boasts the picturesque and interesting addition of many baronial castles, Roman remains, and even Druidical monuments. Its surface is extremely irregular and broken. On the eastern confines of the county, a high range of hills stretches as far as Scotland, and at their feet a broad tract of land extends its whole length, partly cultivated, and partly heathy common. It is watered by the Eden and several other small streams. This tract becomes very extensive before it reaches Carlisle, extending along the country to Wigton.

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