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Bradshaw’s Guide


A small market town, somewhat elevated on the side of a hill, and deriving its support principally from the cotton and paper mills in the vicinity. In connection with a farmhouse at this place there is a very entertaining ghost-story current. For many years a portion of a female skull, known by the name of “Dickie,” has occupied the staircase window, and the inmates of the house have been unable to remove it Five different times it has been buried, but the spirit which once owned it created such disturbances, that the farmer has invariably been compelled to return it to its place. The engineering difficulties with which the working of the line has been attended have been universally attributed to “Dickie’s” displeasure of the undertaking, and many superstitious navvies actually left their work in consequence. Absurd as this story is, it gains credence in the neighbourhood.

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