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Bradshaw’s Guide


This sea-port town is situated at the mouth of the river Dart, navigable about ten miles inland. Population, 4,444. Its harbour is very capacious, affording safe anchorage for five hundred large, vessels at the same time. The coast scenery here is exceedingly romantic, and the excursion hence made to the source of the Dart is one of the great attractions with visitors.

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Places nearby

  • Devonshire : Brixham

    Close at hand, is chiefly noted for its extensive fisheries, employing more than two hundred vessels and fifteen hundred seamen.

  • Devonshire : Dawlish

    Dawlish, one of the stations of the South Devon Railway, is one of the prettiest places along the coast to pass a quiet summer month.

  • Devonshire : Devonport

    Here is the royal Dockyard, on a space of 71 acres, inclusive of 5 more at the Gun Wharf.