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Bradshaw’s Guide

Ivy Bridge

A charming spot in the valley of the Erme, much frequented in summer. The hills (1,100 feet high at one point) here begin to ascend towards Dartmoor which lies to the north-west. It is a desolate tract of granite moorland, 20 miles long by 12 broad, once a forest, but now covered with peat. Copper and tin are worked. Some of its rugged peaks, here called tors, are 1,200 to 2,000 feet high; and under one is the Dartmoor Convict Prison. The Dart rises at Cranmere; on account of its striking scenery and fishing, it should be descended all the way to the fine port of Dartmouth.

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Places nearby

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    Situated on the side of a hill, the top of which is surmounted by a circular keep and parts of walls, one of which is 12 feet in thickness, the remains of a very old castle.

  • Devonshire : Brixham

    Close at hand, is chiefly noted for its extensive fisheries, employing more than two hundred vessels and fifteen hundred seamen.

  • Devonshire : Dawlish

    Dawlish, one of the stations of the South Devon Railway, is one of the prettiest places along the coast to pass a quiet summer month.