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Bradshaw’s Guide


Tiverton has a population of 10,447, returning two members to parliament. It is a place of considerable antiquity, being a small village in the time of Alfred the Great, and described in the Doomsday Survey as belonging to the king. The manorial rights originally, by virtue of a gift from Henry I., belonged to Richard Rivers, afterwards Earl of Devon, who built a castle, and, residing here, greatly added to the prosperity of the place.

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Places nearby

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    Dawlish, one of the stations of the South Devon Railway, is one of the prettiest places along the coast to pass a quiet summer month.

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    Exeter is pleasantly situated on an eminence rising from the eastern bank of the river Exe, which encompasses its south-west side, and over which it has a handsome stone bridge.

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    This place has, within the last few years, made rapid strides in the march of improvement. The Beacon Hill is covered with buildings, and the Parade is stretching away right and left, with no visible signs, hitherto, of limitation.