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Bradshaw’s Guide


Totness is situated on the river Dart. The ancient Roman fosseway forms a prominent feature in this town. There is a good deal of woollen cloth manufactured here, but the chief employment of the inhabitants is in the fishery. Its principal attractions are a Guildhall, assembly room, and theatre, banks, Libraries &c.

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Places nearby

  • Devonshire : Brixham

    Close at hand, is chiefly noted for its extensive fisheries, employing more than two hundred vessels and fifteen hundred seamen.

  • Devonshire : Dawlish

    Dawlish, one of the stations of the South Devon Railway, is one of the prettiest places along the coast to pass a quiet summer month.

  • Devonshire : Devonport

    Here is the royal Dockyard, on a space of 71 acres, inclusive of 5 more at the Gun Wharf.