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Bradshaw’s Guide


The line of railway from Leigh to Southend — the continuation of the Tilbury line — is about 2½ miles in length. It has, owing to the situation of the two towns, been carried up a steep gradient the greater portion of the distance. This will be better understood when we state that the Leigh Station is very nearly level with the Thames, and the Southend terminus stands on the summit of the hill, at the west end of the town, near to the Royal Hotel. This station is commodiously built, well-lighted, and situate in a good position for the town, being neither so close as to prove a source of annoyance, nor so far as to place it beyond the reach of the worst of walkers. The trains proceed with great caution down the incline, shutting off steam shortly after leaving the platform at Southend. Hadleigh Castle, in the vicinity, is a picturesque ruin, majestic even in its decay, which will furnish a pleasing addition to the sketch-book of the artistic rambler.

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