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Bradshaw’s Guide

Ryde, from pier, Isle of Wight, England. Taken between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900. Original: Library of Congress


Ryde is a beautiful bathing place, sloping to the sea, 25 minutes (by steam) from Portsmouth, across Spithead. Long timber pier of 2,000 ft. (or two-fifths of a mile), commanding a fine prospect and a healthy blow; for which the charge is 2d. per head, and 1d. per package! New Victoria Yacht Club House, built 1847. Chantrey’s bust of Mr. Sanderson, in the Market Place. Holy Trinity Church, modern Gothic, with a spire 146ft high, Baths, hotels, lodgings (with gardens), are numerous, as are the walks and points of view around.

Distances of Places from Ryde
To: Miles.
Apley ¾
Binstead ¾
Copping Bridge
Fairy Hill
Fearlee 5
Fishburn Rock
Haven Street
Needles, The 18
Nettleston Point 2
Pier, The ¼
Place Street ½
Portsmouth 8
Priory, The ¾
Quarr Abbey 2
Ryde House
Ryde Park
St. Clare
St. John’s 1
Stokes Bay 3
Troublefield ¾
West Cowes 8
West Mount
White Mark

St. John’s, the seat of Sir R. Simeon, Bart.

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Places nearby

  • Hampshire : Netley Abbey

    Remains of the church, chapter-house, refectory, &c., exist, all picturesquely wound with ivy or overshadowed with ash and other trees.

  • Hampshire : Portsmouth

    Portsmouth, the first naval port in the British Islands, 75 miles, from London by the South Western Line or 95 by way of the Brighton and South Coast Line.

  • Hampshire : Southampton

    The station, which is close to the quay, and has a commanding position on the banks of the Southampton Water, is admirably adapted for the convenience of passengers.