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Bradshaw’s Guide


One of the Cinque ports, although with a ruined haven. It is small but clean and healthy, and is prettily situated at the foot of a steep hill extending to the sea. The church is very ancient, the light and elegant early English architecture mingling with Norman impart a most pleasing effect. One mile north-west is Saltwood Castle, once in the possession respectively of the De Montforts and the De Essex’s. The ruins encircle an extensive area. The gatehouse, or keep, which was built by Archbishop Courtenay, in the reign of Richard III., is a noble pile. On the south side of the area are the ruins of the chapel, a handsome structure of peculiar architecture. Three miles to the west is the village of Lymfine and Shetfall Castle, an ancient fort of the Romans to guard the haven. Near Hythe commences Romney Marsh, extending along the coast for twenty miles, including an area of about 60,000 acres, which within the last few years have been successfully drained and cultivated.

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    The appearance of Canterbury, from whatever part approached, is exquisitely beautiful, and as we enter, symbols of its antiquity stare us in the face everywhere.

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