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Bradshaw’s Guide


In the neighbourhood of Pluckley there are several villages and country seats. Bethersden the seat of the Lovelaces, a family now extinct, two and a half miles. Great Chart, once a large market town, and many others.

Leeds Castle, however, in general absorbs the attention of the traveller. Of Norman architecture, situated in a beautiful park, and being still in good preservation, it is one of the most imposing and interesting castles in the county of Kent.

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Places nearby

  • Kent : Canterbury

    The appearance of Canterbury, from whatever part approached, is exquisitely beautiful, and as we enter, symbols of its antiquity stare us in the face everywhere.

  • Kent : Deal

    This town stands close to the sea shore, which is a bold and open beach, being defended from the violence of the waves by an extensive wall of stones and pebbles which the sea has thrown up.

  • Kent : Dover

    This much frequented point of continental embarkation has of late years occupied a prominent position among the watering-places of our island.