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Bradshaw’s Guide


The traveller, on entering this place, beholds himself in a sort of Kentish Herculaneum, a town of the martial dead. He gazes around him, and looks upon the streets and edifices of a bye-gone age. He stares up at the beetling stories of the old pent-up buildings as he walks, and peers curiously through latticed windows into the vast low-roofed, heavy-beamed, oak-panelled rooms of days he has read of in old plays.

Sandwich is a town of very remote antiquity, rich in ancient, hospitals, chantries, hermitages, and venerable churches, many of which, with their towers and buttresses, will take the imagination of the gazer back to the old monkish times, when Sandwich was the theatre of more stirring and important historical events than perhaps any town or port of our island.

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