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Bradshaw’s Guide


Near to which is the old town of Milton, situated on a creek or arm of the Swale, in which the celebrated “Milton Natives” are dredged. The town was a demesne of the Saxon kings. In their straggle with king Alfred, the Danes had a camp here, the remains of which, popularly called “Castle Rough,” yet exist. In the centre of the town there is an ancient court house. The church is large and handsome, with an embattled tower, chiefly in the decorated English style.

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Places nearby

  • Kent : Canterbury

    The appearance of Canterbury, from whatever part approached, is exquisitely beautiful, and as we enter, symbols of its antiquity stare us in the face everywhere.

  • Kent : Deal

    This town stands close to the sea shore, which is a bold and open beach, being defended from the violence of the waves by an extensive wall of stones and pebbles which the sea has thrown up.

  • Kent : Dover

    This much frequented point of continental embarkation has of late years occupied a prominent position among the watering-places of our island.