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Bradshaw’s Guide


In the vicinity are Burham and Burling, in the church of which are buried many of the Sayes and Nevilles, to whom there are brasses. The farm called Comfort and Billing Place, with its gate and ruins, were their seats, On the banks of the Medway near, are the Episcopal ruins of Hailing.

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Places nearby

  • Kent : Canterbury

    The appearance of Canterbury, from whatever part approached, is exquisitely beautiful, and as we enter, symbols of its antiquity stare us in the face everywhere.

  • Kent : Maidstone

    The capital of Kent, on the Medway, and in a tract of land of great fertility, among orchards, hop grounds, and woodlands.

  • Kent : Rochester

    This ancient borough town, having been a British town before the Roman invasion, stands in a rich vale on the banks of the Medway.