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Bradshaw’s Guide


Wateringbury is a large and handsome village, retaining its rural character, combined with an unusual degree of charming neatness and taste. The cottage gardens are sweetly pretty. The church is rather handsome, and contains several tombs of the Style family. Wateringbury Place in the vicinity is a fine mansion, situated in very beautiful grounds.

Distances of Places from the Station
To: Miles.
Addington Place (Hon. Wingfield Stratford)
Barming 2
Birling (Hon. & Rev. J. Neville) 5
Bradburn Park (Capt. Twisden’s)
Broadwater 2
Cannon Heath
Clare House (J. A. Wigan, Esq.) 3
Delton Place (Jno. Golding, Esq.) 3
East Mailing Wood 2
Great Leonard Street (Lunatic Asylum) 2
Larkfield 3
Mereworth Castle 3
Offham Green
West Farleigh 1
West Malling 4
West Peckham 4
Yalding Down 1

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