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Bradshaw’s Guide


This village is divided into Upper and Lower Weedon; the latter is bisected by the railway, and the former lies at a short distance on the left. The military depot is a magnificent establishment, and is capable of containing 240,000 stand of small arms. Four miles west of this station is the ancient town of Daventry.

Daventry, near the Nene’s Head, and noted for its shoe manufacture, is situated on a gentle eminence near the source of the rivers Avon and Nene. It formerly possessed a rich priory, which Henry VIII. gave to Wolsey, the ruins of which are still visible. From Borough Hill, in the vicinity, there is a delightful prospect of Naseby, Northampton, Weedon, and Coventry, and this beautiful landscape is rendered peculiarly picturesque by the remains of a Roman encampment and ramparts in the foreground.

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