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Bradshaw’s Guide


Is agreeably situated on the north-east declivity of several hills contiguous to Selwood Forest. It has considerable manufactures of woollen cloth, and an excellent grammar school, founded by Edward VI. At Nunney (3 miles) are the ruins of a castle. Marston Biggot (2 miles) Earl of Cork and Orrery. Mells Park (4 miles). Longleat Park (3½ miles) the extensive domain of the Marquis of Bath.

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Places nearby

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    Cathedral city, seaport, and parliamentary borough in Gloucestershire 118 miles from London.

  • Somerset : Bath

    Not only renowned for its antiquity and waters, but Bath is one of the best built cities in the United Kingdom.

  • Somerset : Glastonbury

    This town, containing a population of 3,496, is situated near a high bill called the Tor, on which is a tower that serves for a sea mark.