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Bradshaw’s Guide


A coast guard station, prettily seated in a secluded creek on the Bristol Channel. Dunster Castle and the beautiful watering place of Minehead, standing on the cliffs to the south, are within a very short distance. A few miles further on the same coast, but somewhat more inland, brings the tourist to the sources of the Exe, in Exmore Forest, a wild but interesting tract, where the red deer is sometimes seen.

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Places nearby

  • Somerset : Glastonbury

    This town, containing a population of 3,496, is situated near a high bill called the Tor, on which is a tower that serves for a sea mark.

  • Somerset : Taunton

    The town, as seen from the station, has a most pleasing appearance. It is situated in the central part of the luxuriant and beautiful vale of Taunton Dean.

  • Somerset : Weston-super-Mare

    Weston-super-Mare has the advantage of being very accessible from Bristol, Bath, Exeter, and other towns on the line of the Great Western Railway.