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Bradshaw’s Guide


The church contains tombs of Abbot John, of Chertsey, and Sir J. Denham, father of the poet. In the vicinity are Egham Lodge, seat of J. Dobinson, Esq.: Kingswood Lodge, Mrs. Read. Runnymede (½ mile), memorable as the Council Meadow, where the English Barons compelled King John to sign the Magna Charta on Trinity Monday, 15th June, 1215. Runnymede House, seat of N. Reid, Esq.; Cooper’s Hill, so beautifully described by the poet Denham.

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Places nearby

  • Berkshire : Reading

    Reading is situated on two small eminences, whose gentle declivities fall into a pleasant vale, through which the branches of the Kennet flow till they unite with the Thames at the extremity of the town.

  • Berkshire : Windsor

    The seat of her majesty the Queen, and of her ancestors from the period of the Conquest. Eton College also is within a short distance.

  • Hertfordshire : St. Albans

    This ancient town of Herts, should be visited for its venerable abbey church, and that of St. Michael’s, which contains an excellent full-length statue of Lord Bacon.