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Bradshaw’s Guide


The name of the village adjacent is derived from a corruption of “good stone,” significant of the excellence of the quarries there worked. There was formerly a mineral spring of some repute a short distance, from Godstone. The parks and mansions in this neighbourhood are much admired, and from some of the hills there are beautiful views of the surrounding country of Surrey and Kent. Tandridge and Limpsfield are pretty villages, about two miles distant.

Distances of Places from the Station
To: Miles.
Anchor Farm
Blendley Heath
Byes 3
Comforts Place
Cross Ways ¼
Dog Kennel 3
Felbridge Park 5
Flower House
Gassous House
Godstone 3
Godstone Green 4
Goulds 3
Hedge Court 7
Hill Farm
Hobbs 3
Hook 3
Home 4
Ivy House
Jenkins’ Land
Live House ¾
Lee Place
Legham 2
Lingneld 4
Moat Farm
North Park 4
Oxted 3
Park Farm 3
Peny’s Farm 2
Periy’s 3
Priory House 4
Quarry House 4
Rook’s Nest
Snout’s Farm 2
Starborough Castle 8
Stile 3
Stockwood 3
Stratton House
Tandridge Park 2
Tilberstow Hill
Tyler’s Green
Wonham 3

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