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Bradshaw’s Guide

Gomshall & Sheire

Sheire was the residence of Bray, the antiquarian, who edited Evelyn’s Memoirs. In the immediate vicinity is Abinger Hall (2 miles), the seat of Lord Abinger. Netley Place (1½ mile). Albury Park (1½ mile). Near which is Newland’s Corner, from which a most extensive prospect maybe obtained.

East Horsley (3 miles).

Ewhurst (5 miles).

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Places nearby

  • Berkshire : Reading

    Reading is situated on two small eminences, whose gentle declivities fall into a pleasant vale, through which the branches of the Kennet flow till they unite with the Thames at the extremity of the town.

  • Berkshire : Windsor

    The seat of her majesty the Queen, and of her ancestors from the period of the Conquest. Eton College also is within a short distance.

  • Middlesex : Hampton Court

    Hampton Court stands on the north bank of the Thames, about twelve miles from London. Numerous sovereigns have made it their temporary abode; and the last who resided here were George II. and his Queen.