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Bradshaw’s Guide


To the left, on the hills, is Wakehurst Place, the estate of Sir A. Cockburn, St. Leonard’s Forest on the right. The rivers Adur, Arun, and Ouse have their source in this forest, within a circle of three or four miles in diameter.

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Places nearby

  • Kent : Tunbridge Wells

    Nature has eminently favoured this town by the salubrity of its air, the potency of its mineral springs, and the adjacent appendages of romantic and agreeable scenery.

  • Middlesex : Hampton Court

    Hampton Court stands on the north bank of the Thames, about twelve miles from London. Numerous sovereigns have made it their temporary abode; and the last who resided here were George II. and his Queen.

  • Surrey : Crystal Palace

    The site of the Crystal Palace on the summit of Penge Park is one of the most beautiful in the world.