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Bradshaw’s Guide


The village of which name is situated on a rising ground not far from the sea. It is a quiet, retired place, having some good iron springs, and is situated in a beautiful country.

Many persons prefer the retirement, of Bexhill, with its fine bracing air, to the excitement and bustle of the neighbouring towns.

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Places nearby

  • Kent : Maidstone

    The capital of Kent, on the Medway, and in a tract of land of great fertility, among orchards, hop grounds, and woodlands.

  • Kent : Tunbridge Wells

    Nature has eminently favoured this town by the salubrity of its air, the potency of its mineral springs, and the adjacent appendages of romantic and agreeable scenery.

  • Sussex : Brighton

    This once famous resort of royalty and fashion may now, through the levelling of the railroad, be fairly entitled to the appellation of the Marine Metropolis.