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Bradshaw’s Guide


Bognor is a pleasant bathing place, with good beach, crescent, &c., and much frequented, the air being very pure, and the situation delightful. It was made a market town in 1822, and owes its rise to Sir Richard Hotham, in 1785.

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Places nearby

  • Hampshire : Netley Abbey

    Remains of the church, chapter-house, refectory, &c., exist, all picturesquely wound with ivy or overshadowed with ash and other trees.

  • Hampshire : Portsmouth

    Portsmouth, the first naval port in the British Islands, 75 miles, from London by the South Western Line or 95 by way of the Brighton and South Coast Line.

  • Isle of Wight : Bonchurch

    Bonchurch, so called because the church is dedicated to St. Boniface.