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Bradshaw’s Guide


Newhaven, formerly a very obscure port or fishing town at the mouth of the river Ouse, is now a rising place, and become of some importance, as the port of communication between London, Dieppe, and Paris. Louis Philippe landed here in 1848, after his flight from France.

Three miles distant is Seaford, one of the Cinque Ports, and was formerly the port where the river Ouse emptied itself into the sea; but it was ruined in the year 1570, when a storm diverted the mouth of the river. The church is ancient, and there are traces of a Roman camp still visible in the neighbourhood.

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Places nearby

  • Kent : Tunbridge Wells

    Nature has eminently favoured this town by the salubrity of its air, the potency of its mineral springs, and the adjacent appendages of romantic and agreeable scenery.

  • Sussex : Arundel

    From the Worthing Road the appearance of the town, with its stately castle, extensive park, and winding river, is singularly beautiful.

  • Sussex : Brighton

    This once famous resort of royalty and fashion may now, through the levelling of the railroad, be fairly entitled to the appellation of the Marine Metropolis.