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Bradshaw’s Guide

The beach looking east, Worthing, England. Taken between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900. Original: Library of Congress


This market town has lately become very fashionable as a watering-place. Its rise from an insignificant hamlet to its present rank has been rapid almost beyond precedent, even in the annals of this coast. It is said to owe this distinction to the superior mildness of its temperature, arising from the shelter afforded by the Downs, which, at the distance of scarcely a mile, environ it, and exclude the chilling blasts of the northern and eastern winds, rendering bathing practicable even in the depth of winter. The climate is perhaps somewhat relaxing. The sands, extending nearly ten miles hi length, are level, hard, and compact, and afford a beautiful ride or walk. Like Brighton, the town follows the line of the sea„ the esplanade extending for three-quarters of a mile along the shore. Towards the close of a summer or autumnal evening no more delightful promenade can be imagined than this beach, as it echoes to the hollow murmuring of the waves, rippled with the sea breeze, whilst afar off can be seen the gas-lights of the town of Brighton, forming a continuous chain of beads of light.

In the immediate vicinity is Broadwater, with its beautiful church in the richest style of mingled Saxon and Norman ornamental architecture. The capitals of the lofty columns are surmounted by palm branches, an ornament introduced by the Crusaders. The date of its erection is uncertain. It has some splendid monuments of the De la Warr’s family. Highdown Hill, and the tomb of the Miller who would have his bones laid surrounded by the scenery he loved most to dwell upon in his lifetime, is an object of interest with excursionists; whilst close by, at Cissbury, are the remains of a British encampment.

Distances of Places from the Station
To: Miles.
Charman Dean 3
Cisbury Hall
Clapham 6
Cokeham 2
Heene 1
Lancing 2
Michel Grove
Sheep Combe 4
West Ferring 5
West Tarring 1

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