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In the neighbourhood are Deptford Inn (½ mile), Fisherton de la Mére (1 mile). Yarmbury Castle (2 miles), a most interesting earthen work or fortification, occupying an elevated situation above the plain. Badbury Camp (1 mile), supposed to be the Mons Badonicus of the Romans, and the Baddiebrig of the Saxons. Here Arthur defeated Cedric, in 520. The decayed town of Hindon, 6 miles west, near which is Fonthill Abbey, Alfred Morrison, Esq., but formerly the seat of Beckford, the author of that most original Eastern story, “Caliph Vathek,” and who lived here in the most selfish retirement. It has the appearance of a vast monastic edifice, crowned by a lofty tower, visible at the distance of 40 miles, and commands views over beautifully picturesque and abundantly diversified scenery. He died and was buried at Bath.

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Places nearby

  • Hampshire : Southampton

    The station, which is close to the quay, and has a commanding position on the banks of the Southampton Water, is admirably adapted for the convenience of passengers.

  • Hampshire : Winchester

    Old capital of the British Belgoe, county town of Hampshire, a bishop’s see, and parliamentary borough; stands among round chalk hills, sloping down to the Itchen.

  • Somerset : Bath

    Not only renowned for its antiquity and waters, but Bath is one of the best built cities in the United Kingdom.