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Called by Spenser “gentle Mulla,” where there are remains of a priory founded in 1290 by the Barrys, Earls of Barrymore, whose battle words were Benter en avant, Forward. Fairs are held here on March 27th, July 20th, October 14th, and November 22nd. Close at hand are Buttevant Castle, Sir J. C. Anderson, Bart, the ruins of the abbey, in which are the graves of those who fell in 1647 at Knockninoss, where Sir A. McDonnell (William Colkille) was killed, and the remains of two old castles. To the seat is Kilcoleman Castle, called by Spenser Kilnemullugh, and where he wrote his “Faerie. Queen.

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Places nearby

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    A city, port, and capital of county Cork, and Munster province, on the river Lee. It has a population of about 86,485, engaged in the glass, cutlery, and glove manufactories.

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    This place contains a population of about 9,975, who return one member, and are engaged in the tan and saltworks.

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    This old seat of the O’Briens, now the capital of Limerick county, a parliamentary borough and a thriving port, has a population of about 67,000, lies in a flat part of Munster 50 miles from the mouth of the Shannon.