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Bradshaw’s Guide


A pleasant bathing and fishing port, in front of a fine bay which it has been proposed to convert into a harbour of refuge. The best view is from the Castle Mona Hotel (Mona is the Manx name for man), which was the seat of the Duke of Atholl, whose rights over the island (through the Stanleys) were finally purchased by government in 1829 for nearly half a million. Prior to this, its chief prosperity arose out of the smuggling business. There is a landing pier 530 feet long, also 4 churches and 6 chapels in some of which the service is performed in Manx; news rooms, &c. One of the best buildings is the Court House. The Duf-glas or Blackwater runs through the town to the bay from the mountains behind.

From Douglas the distances are as follows:–

First Route
To: Miles.
Douglas to Kirk Onchan 3
Douglas to Laxey 8
Douglas to Ballaglass 13
Douglas to Ramsey 17
Douglas to Kirk Bridge 17
Douglas to Ayre Point 27
Second Route
To: Miles.
Ramsey to Sulby 4
Ramsey to Kirk Ballaugh 8
Ramsey to Bishop’s Court 10
Ramsey to Kirk Michael 12
Ramsey to Tynwald Hill 21
Ramsey to Peel 24
Ramsey to South Barrule 28
Ramsey to Ballasalla 32
Ramsey to Castletown 35
Third Route
To: Miles.
Douglas to Nunnery 1
Douglas to Kirk Marown 6
Douglas to Tynwld Hill 9
Douglas to Peel 13
Fourth Route
To: Miles.
Douglas to Kirk Stanton 6
Douglas to Ballasalla 8
Douglas to Castletown 10
Douglas to Port le Murray 16
Douglas to Calf of Man 21

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