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Bradshaw’s Guide

A descriptive guide to Dumbartonshire

Anciently called the Shire of Lennox, and returning one member. The county consists of a mixture of natural pasture, wood, and arable lands. Five miles to the north-west of Dumbarton the traveller from the south obtains the first view of the celebrated Loch Lomond, the most beautiful and picturesque of all the Scottish lakes. The circumstance which renders Loch Lomond more interesting than other great pieces of water, seems to be the woods in its vicinity; the variety of its romantic islands crowned with trees, and the vicinity of the gigantic Grampians, affording a striking contrast to the rich and placid scenery winch is exhibited within the immediate neighbourhood.

On an eminence to the southern extremity of the lake the whole beauties of this delightful expanse of water appear in full view. The prospect from the summit of Point Firkin, is also very fine, as it includes a view of the towering Ben Lomond, one of the loftiest of all the Grampians.

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