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Bradshaw’s Guide

A descriptive guide to Morayshire

Is now divided into three several shires, viz., Banff, Moray, and Nairn. In describing this beautiful district of country, known by the name of Morayshire, it is usual to include the small county of Nairn with which it is intimately connected. Some parts of this district partake of the wild, rocky, and mountainous character of the Highlands. The low country is a large plain extending from the Spey westward, between the shore and a range of mountains for nearly forty miles. This plain, however, is diversified over its whole extent by short ridges of lower hills, in general nearly parallel to the shore. There are many plains in the course of the Spey, and some of the tract of the Findhorn, of great fertility and beauty. It returns one member in conjunction with Nairn.

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