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Bradshaw’s Guide

A descriptive guide to Renfrewshire

This county, which returns one member, contains many manufacturing towns and villages. It is bounded by the Firth of Clyde and Clyde River. The waters of this comity are of no great magnitude in themselves; but by the industry and enterprise of the inhabitants of the adjacent district, they are rendered of considerable importance to society, by being made instruments of human industry, and made to toil for man. If they descend suddenly from a height, it is not from a picturesque cataract, or to please the eye or ear with the wild and beautiful scenery which nature delights to exhibit, but to turn some vast waterwheel, which gives motion to extensive machinery in immense buildings, where hundreds of human beings are actively engaged in manufactures. In proportion as we approach towards Glasgow, the great theatre and centre of Scottish manufactures and commerce, everything assumes an aspect of activity, enterprise, and industry.

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