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An old Norman town, founded by Bernard Newmarch; part of the castle remains, which was destroyed by Owen Glyndwr. It is exactly on the borders of three counties, Brecon, Hereford, and Radnor. Here the Upper Wye scenery ends. Barges are able to reach this point. Clifford Castle, three miles from Hay, was the birthplace of Fair Rosamond Clifford. It was built by the Conqueror’s kinsman, Fitz-Osborne.

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Places nearby

  • Herefordshire : Hereford

    Hereford, stands at a military Ford on the Wye, which King Harold protected by a castle, the site of which, at Castle Green, is now occupied by the Nelson Column.

  • Herefordshire : Ross

    Ross is situated on a rocky elevation on the east bank of the Wye. In the church are several monuments of the Rudhall family, one of whom opposed Cromwell in his siege of Hereford.

  • Monmouthshire : Abergavenny

    This interesting old place, of 4,621 inhabitants, stands among the Monmouthshire Hills, near the Sugar Loaf, Blorenge, and other peaks.