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Bradshaw’s Guide

Carnarvon Castle. Taken between ca. 1890 and ca. 1900. Original: Library of Congress



It occupies the site of a Roman town called Segontium, of which there are various relics in the museum. The well-preserved castle, built between 1284 and 1320, is the most interesting object; it covers 2½ acres. There are remains of the gateway, the Queen’s gates and the Eagle tower in which it is stated Edward II., the first Prince of Wales, was born. It should be mounted for the view. The outer walls are 10 feet thick and guarded by thirteen toawers variously shaped. One of them is the town prison.

In the vicinity is Llanberis (8 miles), the most convenient starting point for Snowdon.

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Places nearby

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    Holyhead, so called from a monastery founded by St. Gybi in the sixth century, is the chief packet station for Ireland, and stands on Holy Island, on a bay between it and the west side of Anglesea, 64 miles from Dublin.