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Bradshaw’s Guide


During the last twenty years this town has become of some importance, in consequence of several very extensive collieries and lead works which have been established here. A large portion of the lead ore produced in different parts of the kingdom is brought here for smelting. On the hill to the left are seen the ruins of Basingwerk Abbey, built by the Earls of Chester, beautifully situated just above the road, and commanding extensive views of the river Dee, Hilbree Island, &c. Close at hand is Bagillt Hall, the fine old seat of the Griffiths.

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Places nearby

  • Cheshire : Chester

    Chester is a genuine Roman city, built four-square, within walls, which remain to this day.

  • Carnarvonshire : Conway

    The ancient town of Conway is within the wall that were erected at the same time as the castle. Although not a manufacturing town, it has always been a place of some importance.

  • Carnarvonshire : Llandudno

    This delightful place has now become one of great importance as a summer resort. It is situated 3½ miles from Conway, on a promontory between the Bays of Conway and Llandudno.