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Bradshaw’s Guide


This town contains a population of 3,735, — who return one member — employed in the cotton factories and mines, three bridges, county hall for assizes, by Jones; school, mills, new market, St. Mary’s church, a fine edifice of the time of Henry VII., with a new font, by Archdeacon Clough; and tombs of Bishop Wharton, Davies of Llannerch, Wynn, the painter, and several tumuli. In the vicinity are a large earthwork, Bailey Hill, from which an extensive view may be obtained; Ruel, seat of Colonel Phillips; Merquis, Miss Griffiths; Hartsheath, Peutre, and Gwysaney.

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    The ancient town of Conway is within the wall that were erected at the same time as the castle. Although not a manufacturing town, it has always been a place of some importance.

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