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Bradshaw’s Guide


Rhyl is a fashionable watering place for the North Wallians and Liverpool people; it is reputed one of the best bathing places in Wales. The beauty of the scenery, salubrity of the air, and firmness of the sand, render it a place of considerable attraction to visitors from all parts of the kingdom. It is situated at the entrance of the celebrated vale of Clwyd, which extends twenty miles in length, and about ten miles in breadth, flanked on both sides with elevated hills. Snowdon can be seen.

In addition to the Hotels and Inns there are hundreds of elegant and respectable Lodging Houses, capable of affording excellent accommodation for visitors, at very moderate charges. There are bathing establishments and machines in abundance.

On the left, of Rhyl are the celebrated range of British Posts, on the Clwydian Hills; established as a bulwark against an invading enemy.

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