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Bradshaw’s Guide

A descriptive guide to Glamorganshire

One of the most southern counties in Wales, by far the largest and most beautiful in the principality and generally considered the garden of Wales.

The mountains are not so high as those in many of the surrounding counties, but their extreme abruptness imparts an air of wildness and elevation which greatly exceeds the reality. But what principally distinguishes this county is the profusion of coal, iron, and lime-stone, with which it everywhere abounds. These mineral riches have raised Glamorganshire to great importance during the last half century. Immense establishments have been erected in the wildest part, of the country; canals and roads have been formed, at great expense, to connect them with the coast; and these circumstances, reacting over the whole district, and even far beyond it, have spread the influence of improvement throughout — the facilities of intercourse creating new sources of industry.

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Featured places

  • Glamorganshire : Cardiff

    Cardiff, a borough town, and capital of Glamorganshire, is built on the east bank of the river Taff or Tay, near its entrance into the mouth of the Severn.

  • Glamorganshire : Llandaff

    Llandaff, a small decayed village, but the seat of a diocese, founded in the 5th century, having a half ruined Cathedral, 270 feet long, chiefly in the early English style.