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Bradshaw’s Guide

Altrincham to Northwich

Cheshire Midland Railway

This line, which was commenced in December, 1860, runs through a very flat country, through one of the richest parts of Cheshire, and forms a valuable acquisition to the salt district, through which it passes. The branch from the South Junction line takes place at a distance of fifteen chains from the Altrincham station; and, sweeping the base of the Bowdon hill in a graceful curve, the first station is reached, at a distance of three- quarters of a mile,

Peel Causeway, intended for the accommodation of the inhabitants of Bowdon. This station is close to the road called Peel Causeway, and is within an easy distance of Bowdon Old Church, now restored. The line then passes on through happy meadows and over the Bollin river, to

Cheshire : Ashley

Which is distant from Peel Causeway a mile and three-quarters. The Bollin is crossed at a height of 30 feet by a fine and substantial brick arch, which has a span of 45 feet.

From Ashley the line runs another mile and three-quarters to

Cheshire : Mobberley

Situated about a mile from the ancient and quaint village of that name, which still boasts the peculiarity, as we are informed, of having two lords of the manor and two manor houses.

From Mobberley to Knutsford, a distance of 2¾ miles, and, indeed, almost from Ashley to Knutsford, the fine park belonging to Lord Egerton is just visible on the right, whilst on the left are the Cheshire Water Works, which supply the town of Knutsford with pure water.

The train then proceeds via Plumbley and Lostock, the stations at which are neat and substantial, and in about five minutes arriving at

Cheshire : Northwich

The station here is only a temporary one, and will probably remain so until the completion of the West Cheshire line, which is to run from Northwich to Helsby, a small station of the Birkenhead Railway.

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