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Bradshaw’s Guide

Barnes to Hounslow and Feltham

Hounslow Loop Line

It diverges from the Richmond line at Barnes station, and is earned across the river Thames, in front of Barnes-terrace, by means of a light end elegant bridge, consisting of three arches. From this the line proceeds through the property of the Duke of Devonshire; and the first station, Chiswick is placed at the southernmost corner of his Grace’s park.

Middlesex : Chiswick

Close by are the Horticultural Society’s Gardens, a very favourite resort of England’s aristocracy on its fete days.

The railway then passes beneath the old Great Western coach road, and arrives at Kew station, close to the junction with the North and South Western Junction Railway. A walk across the bridge brings us to

Surrey : Kew

A picturesque village on the banks of the Thames, about seven miles from London, and one mile from Richmond. The palace contains a few pictures, but the gardens are the principal objects of attraction.

Passing the extensive works of the West London Water Company, the line continues principally through market gardens to Boston Lane, where the Brentford station is conveniently placed.

Middlesex : Brentford

It is the county town, where members of Parliament are elected.

Middlesex : Isleworth

This place is still frequented by anglers, who consider there is not finer fishing any where than in the Thames from Kew to Richmond.

Middlesex : Hounslow

The Powder Mills and the Cavalry Barracks are about a mile distant.

A short distance beyond is Whitton Park, which we skirt, and soon after join the Windsor line. We will, however, now retrace our steps to Barnes.

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