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Bradshaw’s Guide

Clifton to Avonmouth

This railway runs from the station at Clifton along the Northern bank of the Avon. It skirts the edge of Durdham Down, passing the tower at Cook’s Folly, from whence there is an extensive prospect, and at a distance of about two miles arrives at Sea Mills, the first station at the confluence of the Trim. Passing onward along the edge of Kings Weston Park, the Clifford’s old seat and property of P. Miles, Esq., we next come to

Shirehampton, at the foot of Penpole Hill, the summit of which commands another fine view. Lamplighter’s Hall Inn, a place much frequented in the summer months, is at hand. A distance of about two miles further brings us to

Avonmouth, situated as the name expresses, at the mouth of the Channel, which place is accommodated with a good substantial Pier, the cost of which has been defrayed by the railway company.

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