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Bradshaw’s Guide

Third Route: Culver Cliff, through the centre of the the Island

This route, seldom taken by visitors, but a most attractive one for walkers, is towards Head-on-Hill (where fine white sand is dug for the glassmakers), and along the Downs, through the middle of Wight.

Distances from Culver Cliff
To: Miles.
Afton Down 19
Ashey Mark 4
Brading Down 3
Brixton Down 15
Carisbrook 10½
Freshwater Gate 20¼
Gallyberry Down 13
Hare & Hounds on Arreton Down
Motteston Down 16½
Needles Light 23½
Newport 9
Shalcombe Down 18
Yarborough Pillar 1

Culver Cliff, 400 feet high. View over White Cliff Bay, Spithead, &c. Yarborough Pillar, on Bembridge Down, overlooks the harbour. It was built up in 1849, in honour of the late earl; and serves as a landmark.

Brading Down. A noble view here, from the ring; Portsmouth, Spithead, Chichester Cathedral, Osborne, Sandown Bay, Shanklin Down, and one-third of the Island, all seen on a sunshiny day. Brading church, Nunwell, the seat of Sir H. Oglander, Bart., are immediately below.

Ashey Down. Fine views from the sea marks, but you must shift about to take them in. Newchurch, &c., visible.

Arreton Down. View of the cultivated tract to Undercliff and Shorwell. The road follows Long Lane into Newport, but a short cut may be found to Carisbrook or Gatcombe, shortening the distance to the Western Downs, by a mile or two. After Carisbrook you ascend to Bowcomb and Roughborough Downs, and thence to Galebery or Galleyberry Down by a rough path, which now and then leads through a turnip field as it approaches the heath, and then brings you into a solitary hollow, smooth and green round its sides, and patched with furze bushes. You may walk for miles without meeting a soul except a shepherd, or a farmer on horseback. At Galleyberry there is a splendid view of this half of the Island, with the ridge of Down before you, to the Needles, up and down like the back of a camel. To get refreshment, you must descend the slope, to Shorwell, Brixton, Calboum, &c., at the bottom. Another fine view from Brixton Down. Brixton is a pretty place (though not more beautiful than most; others in the Island), with a chine down to the shore.

Motteston Down, 700 feet high, near the Druid stone. Sir John Cheke, King Edward’s tutor; was born at this village. Shalcombe Down; then

Afton Down, 500 feet high. Tumuli on the top.

Needles Down, 500 feet. A road up to the light, with Alum Bay on one side, and Scratchell’s Bay on the other. The Hampshire and Dorsetshire coast to the right, and Portland Bill (perhaps), may be seen in the distant horizon.

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