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Bradshaw’s Guide

Hereford to Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway

Herefordshire : Hereford

Hereford, stands at a military Ford on the Wye, which King Harold protected by a castle, the site of which, at Castle Green, is now occupied by the Nelson Column.

Dinmore and Ford Bridge stations.

Herefordshire : Leominster

This place has a population of 5,658, principally engaged in the manufacture of hats, leather gloves, and coarse cloth; it has also a considerable trade in wheat, wool, hops, and cyder.

Nearest station to Bromyard 9 miles to the right. We here branch off to the left on the

Pursuing our way from Leominster, we soon pass the station of Berrington and Eye; near which is Berrington Park (Lord Rodney).


At this point a branch, 19¼ miles long, turns off to the right, running via Easton Court, to the small town of

Passing along the south-eastern borders of the Southern Section of Shropshire, the line passes the stations of Newnham, Neen Sollers, and the market town of Cleobury Mortimer, to Bewdley , an important town on the Severn Valley railway.

Leaving Wooferton, and passing along, with the river Teme on our right, we arrive at

Shropshire : Ludlow

Ludlow is a parliamentary borough, standing on a beautiful bend of the Teme, in Shropshire, but close to the borders of Herefordshire, from which the river divides it.

Bromfield and Onibury are stations of no great importance.

Craven Arms. — This forms the junction of the

Marsh Brook station.

Leebotwood and Dorrington stations.

Shropshire : Shrewsbury

This fine old capital of Shropshire, and parliamentary town, is 42 miles beyond Birmingham.

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