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Bradshaw’s Guide

New Milford to Tenby

This line is in connection with the South Wales Railway at New Milford, from whence passengers are conveyed across the ferry to Hobb’s Point, a place strongly defended by a number of forts. A distance of one mile, by coach, brings us to

Pembrokeshire : Pembroke Dock

Terminus of the South Wales section of the Great Western.

From hence, by rail, about 1 mile, brings us to the town of Pembroke.

Pembrokeshire : Pembroke

The capital of the county. In conjunction with Tenby and two or three other little boroughs it returns one member to parliament.

Proceeding in an easterly direction the next place we come to is the station of

Manorbeer with its Castle and Penally stations; see Coast route.

Pembrokeshire : Tenby

Tenby, on the coast of Pembrokeshire, was at a very remote period occupied by the ancient Britons as a fishing town, and is most romantically situated on the eastern and southern sides of a rocky peninsula, stretching out into the Bristol Channel.

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