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Bradshaw’s Guide

Plymouth to Tavistock and Launceston

The South Devon and Tavistock line takes a northerly direction from Plymouth, and passes the Stations of Marsh Mills, 4 miles, Bickleigh, 3¾ miles, and Horrabridge, 4¾ miles, to the town of

Devonshire : Tavistock

This little town stands prettily situated in the midst of a fine valley on the western banks of the Tavy. The hills in the vicinity are of a slaty character, and is the centre of an important mining district.

On passing Marytavy, 3¼ miles, and Lidford, 3¼ further, the line curves to the west, passes Coryton, 4½ miles, and Lifton, 3¼ miles, soon after which we cross the Tamar and enter the county of Cornwall.

A distance of 4½ miles beyond Lifton, and about two from the river, brings us to the county town of

Cornwall : Launceston

Situated on the side of a hill, the top of which is surmounted by a circular keep and parts of walls, one of which is 12 feet in thickness, the remains of a very old castle.

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