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Bradshaw’s Guide

Pontypool Road to Monmouth

Coleford, Monmouth, Usk and Pontypool Railway

About a mile and a half beyond Pontypool Road, at a place called Little Mill, this line turns off; and at the distance of about 3½ miles further, we cross the river Usk, and stop at the station of that name.

Monmouthshire : Usk

The town is situated a little to the right of the station, and is a place of great antiquity.

Passing Llandenny Station, we arrive at Raglan Road, about two miles along the high road to the town, Raglan Footpath, about one mile to the left to Raglan, but available only to pedestrians.

Monmouthshire : Raglan

Here are the fine remains of the castle built in the 14th century. The Marquis of Worcester defended it for four years against the Parliament: it is now a most picturesque ruin.

Monmouthshire : Monmouth

Monmouth, the capital of Monmouthshire, is on a delightful part of the Wye, at the junction of the Monnow.

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