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Bradshaw’s Guide

St. Helens to Warrington, Runcorn, and Liverpool

From St. Helens Junction the line diverges to the left, passing the stations of Peasley Cross, Sutton, Clock Face, Farnworth, and Appleton, en route to Widness. By means of a ferry across the river we reach

From Widness the railway again diverges to the right, and after passing the stations of Fidler’s Ferry and Sankey Bridges, we arrive at

We again return to Widness, and in pursuing our journey towards Liverpool, pass the stations of Ditton and Halewood, to Speke, the point of deviation of the Edge Hill portion of the London and North Western line.

Keeping to the water’s edge, however, we next come to Garston (telegraph station), a considerable town on the Mersey, having a population of 4,720. Continuing along the riverside we pass the station at Mersey Road, through Aigburth to Otter’s Pool, and through Toxteth Park to the station of St. Michael’s, and thence to the southern suburbs of Liverpool at the Brunswick Docks, from whence passengers are taken into the town to James Street, by omnibuses.

Continuing our journey on the Edge Hill line from Speke, we soon arrive at

Mossley Hill station.

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