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Bradshaw’s Guide

Willesden Junction to Kew

About one mile beyond Willesden Junction we cross the Great Western, and another mile brings us to the town of

Middlesex : Acton

Here Sir Mathew Hale, Bishop Lloyd, and Baxter lived. The old Catholic church is worth a visit.

Hampstead Branch

A short branch, 1¼ mile, turns off to the left here, by which the tourist is enabled to visit

Middlesex : Hammersmith

The most remarkable object here is the Suspension Bridge, a light and elegant structure, 688 feet long and 20 feet wide.

Retracing our route to Acton, and pursuing our course onward a mile and a half, we are brought to our destination at

Surrey : Kew

A picturesque village on the banks of the Thames, about seven miles from London, and one mile from Richmond. The palace contains a few pictures, but the gardens are the principal objects of attraction.

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